Piet Hein Pusung on: @Manadokota, KNPI, and LIFE!

Amazing character, very charming, humble and brilliant! Piet Hein Pusung is known from his famous social media: @ManadoKota, and his other remarkable contributions as a lecturer in two universities and a youth figure in National Committee of Indonesian Youth (KNPI). This is Piet Pusung, with his unique thoughts during the interview!

1. Unstoppable! That is probably the best definition to describe your life at right now. What do you think?
I hold a principle in life that I may be just an ordinary guy, but it will never stop me from having an extraordinary dream. I am the youngest son with two older brothers who have so many great achievements, and they’ve been my role models since I was a kid. As times go by, I’ve learned that the destination of where I am going is essential, but the process of getting through to that point is far more important. To be unstoppable for me is about hardwork, enjoying the process, and that I am in no competition with anyone but myself. It’s always about the “next level” in me, and not with the world.

2. I can see from your instagram that 2015 has been packed for you. Any recent conferences or events that you would like to share?
I just attended a conference in Bali as one of the facilitators called “4/4 Window”. The conference explains that at the age of 4 to 14 years old of anyone is the crucial time to cultivate and doctrine any kind of theories or principles. So for example, if you invest into a kid at the age of 5 to become either a terrorist, a soccer player, an athlete, or a thief; just within 5 years later, there’s a 80% chance for him to be one.

3. Among all youth public figure in North Sulawesi, you are one who is the most down to earth and love to connect with other people. Especially on your instagram! You don’t even mind sharing your personal contact id and number. This character is rare and unique. Do you ever find trouble with it? In terms of random call or publicly being criticized?
Obviously! And I pretty much am used to it! Prank calls, spam, random texts, criticized, bullying, I have tasted all that. Trouble with it? Bothered with it? Probably. But I always believe that among 10 people who can contact me – 9 with pranksters and 1 with a positive purpose, it worth to be reachable.

4. You’ve been widely known from your twitter account: @manadokota. It all started by providing useful information, being as a platform which connects between one user with many, and some cheesy funny tweets where it caught attention towards the teenagers. Today, just by less than 5 years, @manadokota spreads its wing for being one of the informative twitter users with up-to-date news, respectively in North Sulawesi. What a great accomplishment! Is there anything that you would like to highlight about this amazing milestone?
It’s been surreal to me. I really never thought that @manadokota can go this far. I started this in March 2010, with the aim to connect people around the town to find places. One year later, with the vast growing, I managed to build a team where we finally created the website which includes news, advertisements, and informative sources. It’s been amazing ride, and I will always put my best effort for @manadokota to be a prominent brand that any Manadonese can be proud of.

5. Where do you see @manadokota can go in 5 years later?
I come into a realization that @manadokota has been an important role around North Sulawesi society. It is a signature work of me that I will always be grateful for, as it changed my life in many aspects. I believe that this work can get even bigger, perhaps to be a media company one day. It’s a long way down the road, I know. But you never know if you never take the walk!

6. How is “KNPI” Manado (*National Committee of Indonesian Youth) going so far under your authority as a vice president?
There have been a lot of community projects we’ve been working on by partnering with the government to invest a better quality of youth in Manado.  It’s been 3 years for me to be in this position, and I can tell that we, as a team, have brought a new meaning of KNPI in Manado.

7. Do you think this organization has helped in enriching towards a better Manado?
Of course it is! We help in financing, facilitate the managerial skills, and keeping the legal issues of youth organizations in Manado. We always strive to be the main supporters of any activities which aim to shape a better youth society of the city.

8. KNPI has always been stereotyped as one of political target organization by some politicians in order to promote their names. Your comment?
I can’t deny that KNPI is one of the ‘effective tools’ of politician to be recognizable, and that politics is politics:- You can never run from the basic truth of it. However, I believe that KNPI has also become a place for people like me to train ourselves in terms of networking, being responsible and collaborating ideas with people – with the hope that one day we can be the change-maker towards the society.

9. Apart from all these, you are also a lecturer in one of the nation’s respective universities and the youngest head of librarian in Indonesia in 2012. How do you find all these enabling you in contributing towards a better quality of education in Indonesia?
Here’s the thing. Personally, I believe that intelligence is not everything, but the fruit of hard-work will never bring disappointment. I’m glad with all of these achievements, but I also believe that it is about continuity. Continue to move forward, and continue to be better. I believe that education is really important towards the development of a nation, and as part of this biggest movement in centuries, I devoted myself to put a positive impact every single day.

10. How are the students and classes?
Fun! I am an active lecturer in two universities with different backgrounds, and I have learned a lot from the students. If I can define them in one word, it is going to be: dynamic. I love how they criticize and question what I present on the table. I always be in a situation where they are going to debate the topic, criticize, exchanging opinions, but that’s how we do it.

11. You’re also a Sunday School Teacher! This means that you are dealing with kids – they are creative but at the same time, out of control. Is there any specific teaching method that you apply? Especially when it comes to helping them to get to know about Jesus?
Kids, hmmm, they are challenging! Their innocence IS challenging. But they are pure at heart, and I guess that’s the reason why I want to dedicate myself to be part of shaping their characters to be someone that can be meaningful in the world we live in. I don’t really have a specific method in teaching them, but I believe that everyone wants to be heard. And I learn to always listen to their thoughts, whether it’s about the missing candy, or the friends who have quarrel with them.

12. How is Manado today in your perspective?
Better and lots of opportunities! I hope everyone in the city especially the youth are wise enough to grab one which can significantly change their lives.

13. With all these achievements, can I give a guess that you are preparing yourself to “dive into” politics?
Instead of saying that I aim into certain position, I’d prefer to say that I aim to be someone who can bring impact towards the society. If, with God’s Grace, I am trusted to hold one important position, I will do my best to strive for a positive influence.

14. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I am more looking forward to see the fruit that I have invested. I want to see the students, the kids, to be a better someone that will hopefully reflect of who I am.

15. A lecturer, a public figure, a down-to-earth person, amazing characters, not to mention, good-looking too! Fun question: any trouble in finding Mrs. Right? I mean, any girl in Indonesia must be silly enough if ever rejecting you!
I’ve been into a serious relationship couple times ago, and it’s proven that those in the past were not to be the one. I can’t wait to start my own family and I pray for it every single day. However, I also believe that God is currently holding it, because He wants me to contribute more to the world around me. And I don’t mind. Instead of being desperate, I will be patiently waiting for what God knows is the best.

17. Thank you very much for this very wonderful opportunity. One last word?
Jeremiah 17:7 – “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is in the Lord.”

Piet Pusung – attending the Asia Pacific Youth Congress 2015 in Bali
Together with his two older brothers, thriving to bring positive influence in North Sulawesi
Posing together with his students


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