Khaled Al Hashemi on: Adeny Industry, Photography, and Malaysia

Khaled Al Hashemi is one of the men behind Adeny Industry – the very first YouTuber from Yemen. Adeny Industry itself has achieved a great accomplishment not only from its viewers and subscribers, but also to be featured on National Channels of Yemen as well as part of TEDx Aden. I had a wonderful privilege to be able to conduct an interview with him discussing the Adeny Industry, his Passion in Photography, and Living in Malaysia. 

1. How many members are in Adeny Industry? And why are you guys separated in all over the world?
There are six of us as part of Adeny Industry. The reason why we are not together in one place is simply because we are currently doing our study in different countries. Two of us are studying in Malaysia, including me; one in United States, one in Saudi Arabia, and the remaining two in Yemen.

2. So how do you guys able to maintain the channel?
Okay, here’s how we operate our channel. We started the channel in 2012 with the aim to bring awareness of Yemeni people as well as Middle Eastern of what is going on in Yemen. Every year we come up with one season which includes with 8 episodes. Every season we have different kind of theme, for example, season 1 includes: guns, sports, airports, and infrastructures; while season 2 includes: corruption, drugs, sports, marriage, government projects, etc.The five of us will start obtaining the data, either from audio, video or script; then we will send it to Mohsen who will do the data gathering, video editing, and broadcasting as the final product.

3. That’s interesting! And a lot of hard work!
Yeah, but it’s all worth in the end, to know that the channel can bring positive impact to the community.

4. Who come up with the idea to name it “Adeny Industry”?
The idea of making this YouTube channel was from a casual talk between me and the broadcaster, Mohsen; we were high-school best friends and still are until today. We discussed about how Saudi people are starting to emerge into YouTube industry, and so we would like to start it as pioneer from Yemen. The name itself derived from the place where we all come from, Aden city.

5. Wait, a pioneer? Are you saying that you are the first YouTuber coming from Yemen?
As a matter of fact, yes we are!

6. You started this in 2012, and I got to say that it really is impressive with the achievement of gaining those numbers of subscribers in a very short time. What do you think?
We reached 850,000++ viewers with 15,000++ subscribers in a short period of time, and for that, I am more than just grateful. Not to mention that internet back in Yemen is lack of facilities and low speed. I can say that 20,000 of viewers are coming from Malaysia, which is good news, and the rest are spread throughout the Middle East continents, since we are using Arabic language – which can be understood by all of the Middle Eastern. That’s the reason why we can gain viewers pretty fast. It’s easy to be understood.

7. What’s the core basic of Adeny Industry? What exactly are you offering to the viewers and is there any specific expectation that you would like the viewers to receive after watching any of your post?
The main reason why we started this YouTube Channel is the hope to bring a positive impact and change on Middle Eastern countries, starting from Yemen. We would like to educate people from the videos we’ve been posted. As I mentioned before, our videos include topics that basically discuss about the Yemen country development itself. However, sometimes, we may also discuss the whole picture of the Middle East. We hope that these videos may enhance the knowledge of the people to start making a positive change that can be influenced throughout the world.

8. Tell me the most memorable moment while being part of Adeny Industry.
It has to be when we finally are being featured on 3 national channels of TV Show back in Yemen. You see, we worked really hard where most of times; we spent countless of sleepless nights just to make sure that we can bring a right content to the audience. I know we still have lots of things to be done, but being featured on TV means that the society are starting to recognize us. And that is awesome!

9. In more personal thing, you have a big passion in photography, and your works are magic! How many years have you been into this area? What inspires you when taking photo?
Thank you for the compliment! I still think I’m far for it! I’ve been into photography for 5 years now, my father owned a camera shop and he is my big inspiration! I love taking pictures just about.. anything! Sometimes I randomly take the pictures and I will review it during bedtimes. However, I mostly take moon pictures, especially when it comes to full-moon! It always mesmerizing how beautiful a moon can be during nights! I was so lucky that one of the moon pictures that I took went into “100 Best Pictures” back in 2013.

10. Kuala Lumpur is one of the busiest urban cities in South East Asia. Do you find it competitive and challenging for you to do photography?
Yes it definitely is! But I love this environment. I met many photographers, where several of them are still remain in contact. We sometimes go for trip together to share knowledge, skills, tips, and networking.

11. How do you find Kuala Lumpur especially for the Yemeni like you?
So far so good! But I got to say that we Yemeni Student may find the living cost to be slightly higher. However, all in all, I do love enjoy my time living here!

12. Fun question: what is your favourite Malaysian cuisine and the least favourite?
I love Nasi Goreng Ayam from the Mamak Resto, and Nasi Lemak has to be my least favourite! I know there has to be one delish Nasi Lemak around Malaysia, but I still couldn’t find one!

13. Thank you so much for this opportunity. One last word?
Peace. I am wishing for peace around the world. Hopefully, one day we all can achieve that!

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