Allan Andersen on: Singing, The Band 2014 Malaysia, and Russian Songs!

Humble personality, fun to hang out with, a good looking guy and a great singer! Allan Andersen comes with a great package to be a rising star. This is Allan Andersen, a brother, a best friend, and the great time of interview I had with him!

1. When did you start learning how to sing?
I didn’t really start to sing, it just happened! When I was a kid, I was heavily influenced by my grandmother from maternal side who was a church gospel singer. I can pretty much say that she’s the reason why I love to sing. My family, we’re from Sangihe, part of North Sulawesi islands. Our roots are born for music! I mean, I can say that right? My uncles, aunties, grandparents, my mom, my sister, we all.. sing!

2. You wow-ed the judges when you were in a competition with “I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston. How do you feel when you’re about to hit the high note?
To be honest with you, most of times, I don’t believe with what I can push higher. I do receive many compliments saying that I’m good in doing it, but no one knows about the silence battle I have inside my head screaming “gosh! It’s too high!”. But then again, it comes down to your passion. Singing has been my passion ever since I was a kid. Singing also takes me this far. So I continue to remind myself that I can do it, consistently practising it, and voila! Allan and the high note.

3. You are so used to be in front of big audience. Do you still get nervous when you’re about to hit the stage? How do you handle it?
For every last 5-minutes countdown to perform in the stage, I get nervous. Big time. How do I handle it? A little prayer would do.

4. Who’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to singing?
BEYONCE! I think she’s incomparable. She got her own style, her own vocal, her own charisma, her own class. I really look up on her.

5. Rumor has it that you were once part of Indonesian Idol – North Sulawesi chapter some years ago. But no one can ever forget the time you won the Champion title of THE BAND 2014 in Malaysia! Your thought?
Haha yes, it’s true. I registered myself for Indonesian Idol in 2008, I made it into top 10 from Manado, but couldn’t make it to the big stage. The Band 2013 Malaysia was started with a top talent-seeker from Astro who happened to check my Instagram and browsed through my 15-secs covers. A guy contacted me while I was in Manado and I had my flight to KL a week later for the competition. Industrially speaking, these two events have something in common which is: it is a reality show. It’s all about the combination of singing quality and how you’re gonna gain attention by being in front of the camera. It was a great experience. I guess winning it is a bonus. It takes me this far, and I’m beyond blessed.

6. How did THE BAND 2014 change your life?
Oh it changed me a lot, alright! But of course, in a positive way! My vision got larger, my network got wider, and more of great experiences!

7. What do you think with Music Industry in Malaysia?
It’s a big pond that once you jump in, you gotta learn how to swim right away. And just because you finally figure out how to do it, doesn’t mean that you stop learning. There’s always a new technique everyday. Moral of the story? It’s big, work harder.

8. Let’s take it further! Champion Russian Music Box 2012? How?
It all started with a YouTube cover I tried to attempt with a friend. Audiences like it, and I start doing some cover songs. And then, one day, a guy named Nikita Koryu – member of Quest Pistols contacted me and invited me to follow the contest.

9. When did you start learning Russian language and why?
It all started with this little cute Kazakh girl in the university that I had a crush with, who later became my girlfriend. We were together for 3 years. In order to impress her, I started to learn the Russian language – which is the common language that most USSR countries can speak to each other. Apart from that, I build friendship with the people. I gain more friends, from Kazakhstan, Uzbekhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia! From them, I learned to speak the language, culture, history, songs, and food! Definitely with food! Haha.

10. Speaking of this, what do you think of Russian, Kazakh, Uzbekh, Kyrgiz, and other former USSR countries in terms of artists?
They’re elite and a high class major. That’s all I can say. If one day I can make it, that will be a dream come true.

12. How do you compare between Indonesian, Malay, and Russian songs?
I love the songs coming from any of these backgrounds, but if I have to highlight, they have their own technique difficulties when it comes to singing. Indonesian songs are mostly about dynamic, slow, and get the climax right; Malaysian songs are all about high notes; and Russian songs.. well, the language! Trust me, a right pronunciation can be a pain in the ass!

13. With all these milestones, what’s next? Any hint for us? A single, perhaps?
I did a collaboration project of Malay song months ago with Fimie Don, and I currently am working with a song which includes Kazakh and English. Let it be a surprise!

14. Thank you very much for your wonderful thoughts! Now, one last word?
Never, and I say it again, never, underestimate yourself. You were born to be great. Believe and make it happen!

Photo 17-06-15 19.10.11
Allan Andersen during THE BAND 2014 Performance Show (1)
Photo 17-06-15 19.09.53
Allan Andersen during THE BAND 2014 Performance Show (2)
Photo 17-06-15 19.09.32
Allan Andersen with Awal Ashaari – Malaysian Top Host & Actor
Photo 17-06-15 19.10.31
Allan Andersen with Anuar Nurpeisov – Famous Producer and Singer from Kazakhstan
Photo 17-06-15 19.09.12
Allan Andersen attending Red Carpet in Malaysia with Fimie Don

Allan Andersen



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