Cherish Lyne on: Interior Designer, Christianity, and Coffee

I’ve known this young lady for the past four years from our home church, but we started to get close with each other since 2013. Cherish Lyne is one of the brilliant minds that I always look up for in my social circle, here’s my interview with her on Interior Design, Christianity, and Coffee!


  1. Interior Design! Why?

It wasn’t my first choice. No, not at all! I was all about Architecture but thanks to my Chinese Parents who have this stereotypical thought that Architecture is only for man, so I got to choose other related industry that is more feminine, which is Interior Design.


  1. That’s quite surprising! Are you now into this thing?

Obviously I am, yeah! I’ve been learning and still continuously am about Interior Design for the past 4 years. Never regret any second of it!


  1. You’ve been working with several companies before conducting notable projects, tell me more about it!

I honestly have to say that it’s exhausting! Hell of a job, especially when it comes to Interior Design. You got to learn to understand both the client’s needs and the boss preferences. I always bump into the situation where the proposed-idea is against on what my supervisor expects me to do, while I do believe that my idea has reflected what the client’s want to have. However, the experience and knowledge are worth of all pain.

  1. Your area requires a heavy inspiration and I bet it is not easy to have one. What kind of inspiration do you mainly based on in putting up your work?

Being an Interior Designer, you have to be flexible and it requires a constant improvement on what sources you’re going to be based on as your inspiration. In terms of work, anything can catch my eyes. People, buildings, lines, curves, colours, seasons, anything! When it comes to work ethic and life, family is my fundamental inspiration.


  1. Speaking of work ethic, do you consider yourself as a workaholic?

I used to be one, but as time goes by with the new experiences to come, I learn to apply to work smart, and not to work hard. It is more effective and efficient. However, I still sometimes spend sleepless nights. Those are worth for the perfection that I look for, in every project that is being assigned for me.

  1. If it is not Interior Design, what will it be?

This is so personal but yet to be excited if it could actually happen. I want to be an FBI Agent. I really enjoy movies or books that are related to criminals, investigations, murders, and all those stuffs! I dig into it!


  1. That is so out of the box! Do you think you’re also putting up your passion into it?

Yes I am! I spend my times watching Criminal Minds Episodes and reading Detective Series books, where I usually take notes on the new terminology or definition in order to enhance my knowledge in it! I even start browsing psychologist books, articles and researches, as I found out it is interesting to understand how criminals’ think in committing a crime.

  1. From all the magic works you have created, which one is the favourite?

It has to be the most recent one, which was a Public Space project. It’s a School Project, since I currently am doing my bachelor degree. I get my inspiration from the New York High Lane, an elevated park. I start making a project from the bridge which is connecting KLCC to Pavilion – I elevated it by including a park on top of the bridge where the pedestrian may be able to access both ways, either from the park or the bridge underneath.


  1. Interesting! Do you think you can market this project in the upcoming years later, in terms of government project?

I believe so, yes! I’ve been told that my project has a quite good prospect, and I am looking forward to what I can get from it.


  1. Do you find Kuala Lumpur to be a competitive area for you to start your career in Interior Design?

I personally think that Thailand and Korea provides a better opportunity in this respective industry. I still don’t think that Malaysia or Indonesia has appreciates interior design much yet. However, I am looking forward with 5-years to come; I believe there can be some positive changes in this industry.


  1. Basing on your Instagram, you frequently post yourself having coffee while doing works or simply just chilling. Any thought?

Coffee is considered as a daily essential for any type of designer, and I think I am part of that lifestyle now. I mean, instead of going for any kind of energy drinks, why not coffee? Exquisite, isn’t it?


  1. Favourite Coffee and Cafe in KL?

Ah, this is gonna be hard one. I went to many different cafes here in KL and I love each one of them. I guess it’s going to be Grizzly Cafe, since it is nearby to my apartment! I always drink flat white wherever I go, I can start comparing the different taste of it. Yes, it’s just the same cup of flat white, but the way they mix it up and make it, that makes it different.


  1. You’re Christian; you also once mentioned that you’re an open-minded person; and since I’ve known you from the church, I can say that you’re pretty much active with the Church Service. Do you find that your Christianity also affects the way you think against the culture, norm, and lifestyle around?

I believe that Christianity is not just about the teaching, but also in faith. I am born Christian, but I also had my personal spiritual encounter with God in which influenced more than the fact that I was born as a Christian. It may sounds cliché to people, but I am more than just grateful with the experience and the church that I am growing with. Yes, it does affect my thinking; In fact, it is part of my fundamental integrity. I believe that everyone in the world should have something that they can hold on to, because there will be a time in your life where you are going to be hit by something that is beyond your capability and only faith can help you to survive. I am honoured to find the faith in Christ.


  1. If someone come to you and label you as a religion heavy type, what would you say to that?

I don’t have to waste my time to someone where there is nothing that I can convince about. In life, I’ve learned that being a Christian means you got to experience it by yourself. Your experience may sound ridiculous, senseless, or against the logic to other people, but at the end of the day, you are being shaped by it, even if you don’t realize it.


  1. Fun question: Imagine if there’s no coffee in this world. What will be the substitute?

My second favourite after coffee is tea, so tea it is!

  1. Thank you for your time. One last word?

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. Helen Keller!




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