About Me


My name is Leii, it’s been a great pleasure for me to have you here checking out my personal blog. I’ve been living in 3 countries so far (Indonesia – Born & Raised, The Netherlands – 1 year, Malaysia – 6 years) and I currently am living in Beijing, China for my career development.

I accomplished my degree in BA (Hons) International Business Management and throughout series of my career journey, I’ve been interested in technology, business, environment and social issues. I always have a big passion when it comes to writing, it’s like spilling what’s inside my mind out and put it into words that can somehow entertain and inspire my readers. This blog is a portfolio and a personal project of these areas that I would like to share it to the world.

I hope you have a great time while browsing this little work, and drop me an email if you have any question or inquire. Ps: do come back often. You may not know what you’ve been missing! 😉


– Leii