8 Best Things of Dating a Tall Guy

I date a 6ft and 1inch guy and I can totally wrap it up in one word: “lovely”! This thought is purely basing on my personal experience.


  1. High Heels? No problem at all!

You still can happily wear your high heels without worrying him to be shorter than you, simply because he still and always will remain taller than you!


  1. You will always feel safe around him, physically, cuz he is like a bodyguard to you.

Walking down the street while holding his hand is the loveliest thing! Especially when you start having trouble walking due to the crowd in the public space, you will begin to hold on his bicep tighter and he will start hugging you around to make sure nothing gets near you.


  1. He doesn’t mind to carry you around.

Perhaps all guys can do this, but with a tall guy, it doubles the fun! You’re being carried around like this little munchkin baby to him and how it caught you in awe that he won’t get physically tired. Instead, he’ll probably start boasting how light you are and “I can do this all day, alright!”


  1. You will never win when it comes to a pillow fight….. But he will always be your favourite opponent.

Cuz in the end, he’s just gonna throw you in bed and said “surrender or I will throw you again!” (Chances are you won’t easily surrender yourself, which means he will pick you up and spin you around before throwing you in, once again!)


  1. You can never get enough when it comes to hugging him.

That long and peaceful hug where all you got is to listen to his heartbeat. You crave it for more. (Especially after having a bad day)


  1. He’s designed to help you reaching the unreachable.

Like taking the jar out from top shelf in the kitchen. Ain’t nobody got time to pull the chair and step on it! A simple “Babe, can you help me?” would do.


  1. His shirt = your bedroom dress.

You love wearing his shirt because it’s so big on you. And he loves seeing you wearing his, because it’s so big on you!


  1. The Forehead Kisser

Because everytime you both are hugging with each other, your forehead is right there ready to be kissed. And no guy in the world will let that one go 😉



Now you have read the list from my point of view, please do mind if it sounds a little cheesy (or waaay too cheesy!). This post is dedicated to a guy named Ali. Thank you for the wonderful pickup lines, stupid jokes, and unstoppable annoying of being just you.

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  1. marini says: Reply

    wowwww nice????

  2. Rinny says: Reply

    Wohooo really nice article…..luv it! Especially number 1 & 8 😉

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